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Orange County Old Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program:

Is it the right thing for you?
Did you know that the DMV Points go on your record as soon as you pay?

Protect your record! Call today for a free consultation with an experienced Traffic Attorney, R. Allen Baylis at 714-962-0915.

Many old tickets may be dismissed without fines and fees. Call first to be sure you're making the best choice.

Let Attorney Baylis review your old cases before letting the courts take your money and allowing the DMV to add points to your record.

When you get a traffic ticket, our attorneys will relieve you from the stress, protect your driving record, and save you time and money.
Call: 1-866-99NOFINE (1-866-996-6346)
Now you can hire an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney to:

Fight your traffic or photo ticket

Protect your DMV record
Prevent your insurance company
from raising your rates

You have nothing to lose! We cannot guarantee results or that we will win your case. But we will fight to get your ticket dismissed, or resolved without a point on your DMV record.

(You will still be responsible for paying any fines, penalties, court fees etc. that may be ordered by the court.)

  Don't Pay it...
  Fight it!

In 2009, R. Allen Baylis represented a client charged with running a red light in Santa Ana based on evidence obtained through the use of a red light camera system. Mr. Baylis took the case up on appeal, which resulted in the published opinion: People V. Khaled (2010) 186 Cal.App.4th Supp. 1. The Khaled case has resulted in numerous non-guilty verdicts in Orange County Courts.

Having defended nearly 300 clients on red light camera cases alone, and with an exceptional success rate, Mr. Baylis is recognized as the most experienced and successful attorney in California dealing with red light camera cases.


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