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Why hire a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket?

. IIf you get a citation, you basically have four choices:

1. Simply pay the fine and get a point on your DMV record.I

2. Plead guilty, pay the fine and request traffic school. You will spend time and money on traffic school to avoid getting a point on your record.

3. Plead not guilty and fight the ticket yourself (and probably lose).

4. Hire an attorney to handle the ticket for you and stand an excellent chance of getting a dismissal or at least a plea bargain to a no-point offense.

. Which answer you choose is usually an economic decision. Consider how much will it cost and how much valuable time will it take. Relevant factors include:
  1. How much will it cost to pay the fine?
  2. Do I already have a point on my record?
  3. Will I have to take time off from work to go to court?
  4. What are the chances of winning if I fight the ticket myself?
  5. Do I have time to learn how to beat my ticket?
  6. How much will it cost to attend traffic school?
  7. Do I have time to spend attending traffic school?
  8. How much will it cost to hire a lawyer to fight the ticket for me?
  9. How much will my insurance company raise my rates?

. Why not hire an attroney to represent you who has:

  • Training
  • Knowledge
  • Skill and
  • Authority to deal effectively with the court system

. The Courts will work with attorneys to schedule hearings and trials with much more flexibility than they allow for people representing themselves.
. In the past, it has rarely been cost effective to hire an attorney to fight most traffic citations. The cost of hiring an attorney was usually much more than the fine for the citation.
. Now you can hire an attorney to drastically improve the chances that your ticket will be dismissed (or at least won't put a point on your record) and take little or no time away from your work or the other things you would rather be doing.
. We can offer this amazing service because we work on volume. We represent hundreds of clients in every traffic court in Los Angeles and Orange counties.
. However, If you already have one or more points on your DMV Record, or are charged with a 2 point Vehicle Code violation, the stakes are much higher, and your case may require special attention and additional fees.
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