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.. ... .Always be polite. Arguing with to officer will get you nowhere, and may hurt you case in court should you decide to fight your ticket.
.. ... Politely decline to answer the officer’s questions. Officers are trained to ask you questions like: “Do you know why I pulled you over?” or“do you know how fast you were going?” .Anything you say during this preliminary investigation can be used against you in court! So politely side step or refuse to answer any questions no matter how innocent it may sound.
.. ... Do not allow the officer to search your car, look in your trunk, or under the hood. Many officers are trained to spot engine modifications and will ask to look under the hood if they think your car has any modifications.
.. ... Do not refuse to sign the ticket. Your signature is only your promise to appear, not an admission of guilt..
.. ... Do not fail to contact the court on or before the date on the ticket. The fact that you did not get a courtesy notice in the mail is not an excuse for not contacting the court on or before the date on the ticket.
.. ... .Many tickets can be beat or the negative impacts on your driving record minimized.
.. ... If you get a ticket, contact R. A. Baylis and Associates for a consultation.


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