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The Traffic Ticket Industry
Why do we call it the "traffic ticket industry"?
We estimate that the government brings in over $3 billion in traffic fines, penalties, and fees each year in California.

If that isn't an industry, then what is?

. Every year, police agencies throughout California issue traffic citations numbering in the millions.

These citations are for offenses ranging from: speeding, to illegal turns, to failure to wear a seat belt.

If convicted of violating any one of a multitude of Vehicle Code sections, you will get a "point" on you DMV record. Too many points, and your insurance will go up and/or your driver's license will be suspended.

. These are some of the most common California Vehicle Code sections for which drivers are cited:
  • Speeding (Basic Speed Law): Vehicle Code 22350(a)
  • Speeding (maximum speed): Vehicle Code 22349
  • Speeding on a bridge or in a tunnel: Vehicle Code 22405
  • Car pool lane: Vehicle Code 21655.5
  • Crossing in or out of car pool lane against double yellow line: Vehicle Code 21655.8
  • Failure to stop at a red light: Vehicle Code 21453(a)
  • Tailgating: Vehicle Code 21703
  • U-Turns: Vehicle Code 22100.5, 22101, 22012, 22103, 22104
  • Failure to signal a turn or lane change: Vehicle Code 22107
  • Minimum speed (obstructing traffic): Vehicle Code 22400
  • 22348 (b) Speeding in excess of 100 MPH (2 DMV points)
  • 22348(c) Truck in improper lane
  • 22406(a) Truck speed in excess of 55 MPH

. An infraction that carries a $35 base fine can cost over $230 by the time you pay court fees, penalties, assessments and the cost of traffic school. A fine of $100 can add up to well over $470!
. If you add a point to your DMV record the increased insurance rates could cost you big bucks.
. Commercial drivers are no longer allowed to go to traffic school to keep points off their DMV records. If you are a commercial driver, you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer to fight every ticket.
. Add to these costs the value of your time spent going to court and/or traffic school. You can see that the total cost of getting a traffic ticket really adds up!

. We can save you time and money, while keeping points off your DMV record, on most Vehicle Code infractions.


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