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Q. How can we afford to provide this service for a reasonable price?

We rarely go to court on just one or two cases. We work with the courts to schedule arraignments and trials so we can handle several cases at a time. Naturally, our ability to do this depends on having enough clients to keep our cost per client low. The more cases we handle, the better the likelihood of a successful outcome on your case. So tell all your fiends and family about our service.
Q. Can we beat radar tickets?

We can successfully beat many radar speeding tickets. Under California law, most radar, laser, or lidar tickets are the result of illegal speed traps. We use the Vehicle Code, Evidence Code and precedents set in prior court cases to defend against radar speeding tickets. When drivers go to trial on their own, they usually lose because they allow the officer to introduce inadmissible evidence.
Q. Can you beat photo red light tickets?

Yes. In many cases, we beat photo tickets and/or keep the points off your DMV record. Remember this: If you were not the driver of the car, do not send the affidavit of non-liability to the police. Contact this office first. Learn more about beating a photo ticket.

Q. Can't I fight my ticket myself and win the case?

Possibly. But you would have to spend hours of your valuable time learning how to use the law and tactics that work in your favor. How much is your time worth? Also, one of the reasons we do so well at trial, or can plead cases down, is that police officers can't do as well against an attorney. However, if you want to see how easy a police officer can win a case against a driver who represents himself, just sit and watch a few trials in a traffic court.
Q. Do we win every case?

No. But we currently are getting over 80% of our cases dismissed, or resolved without a point on our client's DMV record,. You will still be required to pay any fines or penalties due to the court, but resolving your case without getting points on your DMV record can save you hundreds of dollars on your car insurance rates.

Q. If I plead not guilty, and go to trial, don't I automatically win if the police officer doesn't show up?

Yes. And we take advantage of that as well. But if the officer does show up, can you win the trial or negotiate a plea? We have a lot of leverage in negotiating pleas to no-point offenses. This is because most of the time, the officer will not want to risk losing at trial against an attorney. This is a risk they don't face when they go to trial against a driver representing himself.

Q. Can I submit a Trial by Declaration?

Yes. It is possible to win with a trial by declaration. However, you must know what to say, how to say it, and what to object to in the officers declaration. The beauty of the trial by declaration is that if you lose, you can still get a trial before a judge with the officer present.



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